faq's of online test series

Q. What about mock test and its questions?

Ans. A mock test is a basically practice test and taken before the real official examination to make familiar with the forthcoming final actual examination. It can be said as a trial examination that is conducted to test the preparation before real challenges in the final examination. Each mock test will always contain different questions because its question papers are formed randomly from a vast question bank.

Q. What is an online test series?

Ans. Online test series contains many online mock tests for practice of official exams (real exams). Each mock test of online test series will always contain different questions because its question papers are formed randomly from a vast question bank.

Q. Is there any charges for any course?

Ans. No, all courses in each category are completely free of cost.

Q. How can I take a free mock test/free online test series?

Ans. Follow the below given steps to take the course:

1. Click on 'start free test' menu, choose your course in the appropriate category.

2. Read the description properly about the course and then click on 'table of content, menu to take the course.

3. To start the test, click on the quiz containing hyperlinked menu.

4. Attend the test carefully and finally submit it to finish the test by clicking on 'submit' button.

Q. Is there registration necessary to take the course?

Ans. No, registration is not necessary to take the course.

Q. How many times I can appear for any course?

Ans. Information about number of attempts is mentioned in individual course, so read in description of course carefully.

Q. What is guest user?

Ans. Guest user is anyone who visits the website but does not register.

Q. What is a registered user?

Ans. Registered user is a user who visits the website and get registered as a student on the website. Register user can be said as a student.

Q. Why should I become as a registered user while I can take all courses as guest user?

Ans. The registered user will become a student of this website so there are some benefits to the students given below:

1. Guest users have limited access to courses it means all courses are not available for guest users while registered users have full access to all courses it means all courses are available for registered users.

2. Guest users will not receive any certificate for successful completion of course while registered users will receive certificates for completion of course.

3. Guest users can see instant result and correct answers only once while registered user can see it anytime also. Registered users can download their acquired certificates for courses and check their score and result previously passed courses.

Q. How can I register as a student?

Ans. To register as a student, follow the below given steps:

1. First, click on 'student account' menu and then click on 'register as a student' menu in opened window. Enter all the details.

2. An email containing a verification link will be sent to your email.

3. Open the email and verify the received link and login the account by entering a username and password.

Q. What will I get after login?

Ans. You will able to review all details related to students such as account, courses, orders, quizzes/final exams, certificates are available after login.

Q. How can I give my feedback and suggestions?

Ans. Please mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your valuable feedback and suggestion.