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md homeopathy entrance mock test

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Bad effects of anger, grief, or disappointed love, broods in solitude over imaginary troubles, persons mentally and physically exhausted by long concentrated grief. Which one of the following is the correct remedy for above symptom complex ?

 Agricus muscarius

 Cuprum metallicum

 Hyoscyamus niger

 Ignatia amara

The drugs prepared from healthy tissues or organs or their secretions are called :





In which section of Kent's Repertory is the rubric 'involuntary urination and stool' found ?





Arch of aorta lies behind the :

 Lower half of manubrium sterni

 Xiphoid process of sternum

 Middle one third of manubrium sterni

 Jugular notch

Which one of the following structure in the neck is most likely to be mistaken for a carcinomatous lymph node ?

 Sternomastid tendon

 Laryngeal cartilage

 Thyroid gland

 Greater cornu of the hyoid bone

The most reliable diagnostic sign of drowning is :

 Foreign bodies in air passages

 Water in stomach

 Cutis anserine

 Froth at nostrils

The 'cure' is possible by Homeopathy if :

 Exciting and maintaining causes are removed

 Disease is removed

 Miasms are removed

 Idiosyncrasy is removed

Healing of a skin wound by first intention results in :

 A small amount of granulation tissue and scar

 An intense inflammatory response



Which one of the following is the commonest cause of abortion in the third trimester ?

 Uterine malfunction

 Fibroid uterus

 Chronic maternal illness

 Cervical incompetence

Sub-dural haemorrhage is commonly because of rupture of :

 Anterior cerebral artery

 Middle cerebral artery

 Posterior cerebral artery

 Dural sinuses

In a suspected case of 'Acute infective Appendicitis' which one of the following investigations will confirm the diagnosis ?



 Barium meal follow through

 Total leucocytic count

Semilateral headache with blurred vision or blindness preceding the attack-must lie down, aversion to light and noise, sight returns as headache increases, headache in small spot can be covered by tip of finger, indicate the remedy from the following :

 Gelsemium sempervirens


 Sanguinaria canadensis


Small pox was eradicated in the year 1977.


Conium maculatum contains conine as an active alkaloid.


Sensation as if heart is suspended from left ribs' - symptom in 'Synthesis Repertory' is present in the chapter on :





A 46 year old woman consults you for painful swelling of the throat for about 12 days. The complaints started with fever (mild) with chilliness followed by painful swelling. Associated with suffocation and attacks of palpitations. No cough. Wants to keep feet in cool place. Very hungry. All complaints are better by eating. Thirst is excessive. On examination ; Thyroid is enlarged. Which one of the following will you choose in this case ?





In which one of the following conditions is serum alkaline phosphatase not raised ?


 Paget's disease

 Hepatic disease resulting from certain drugs

 Osteoblastic bone disease

When vital force is suddenly overpowered by the disease, which one the following modes of treatment is useful ?





Remedy for "aversion to onion" in Kent's Repertory is :

 Veratrum album

 Thuja occidentalis



Minimum airspace for each worker as per Indian Factories Act is :

 200 cft

 300 cft

 500 cft

 700 cft

Disease of hip may produce referred pain in knee because of Femoral and obturator nerve.


Leiomyosarcoma is a malignant tumour originating from fibrous tissue.


A 7-year-old child with convulsions screams and has violent jerking of hands and feet. He has pinching colic in abdomen before passing stool with mucous like while pieces of popped corn; also grinds teeth at night. Choose the correct remedy from the following :



 Cicuta virosa


The complication of the third stage of labour is caused by :

 Retained placenta

 Obstructed labour

 Rigid os

 Elderly primigravida

Consider the following symptoms regarding hemorrhagic diathesis

(I) Hamamelis virginiana - Prostration out of proportion to the amount of blood loss.  

(II) Secale cornutum - Continuous oozing of sanguineous liquid blood.

(III) Lachesis mutus - Hemorrhage from left side of the body, bright red and coaguable.

(IV) Cinchona officinalis - Aversion to sour things during hemorrhage.   Which of these statements is/are correct?

 (I) only

 (I) and (II)

 (II), (III) and (IV)

 (III) and (IV)

Which rib of our body is more oblique ?

 1st Rib

 2nd Rib

 9th Rib

 10th Rib

In calculating dependency ratio, the numerator is expressed as population under 15 years and 65 and above.


The fundamental cause of congenital idiosyncrasy is :

 Psoric miasm

 Syphilitic miasm

 Sycotic miasm

 Tubercular miasm

A-27 year old man consults you with a 3 month history of diarrhea. Now he has developed right upper abdominal pain and high ever with chill. On enquiry he also complains of pain in his right shoulder. The clinical diagnosis in this case is :

 Ameobic Hepatitis

 Koch's abdomen



The percentage of available chlorine in bleaching power 33%.


Which of the following is/are due to the closure of 'Semilunar Valves' and marks(s) the onset of ventricular diastole ?

 First Heart Sound

 Second Heart Sound

 Both First and Second Heart Sound

 Third and Fourth Heart Sound

During antenatal check-up the expected mother is identified as a high risk candidates as she is suffering from nephritis and neuralgic pain.


Adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) principally controls the secretion of cortisol.


Who is the worst patient among the following to treat ?

 Hypochondriac patient

 Idiosyncratic patient

 Hysterical patient

 Non co-operative patient

The phrase 'Aude Sapere' was coined by Horace.


Consider the following features :

(a) pleomorphism

(b) Loss of polarity

(c) Atypical mitois

(d) Atypical nuclear sytoplasmic ratio

Which of these features is/are helpful for confirmation of a malignant tumor ?

 a and b

 c only

 b, c and d

 a and d

It is slow, deep acting remedy, belongs to anti-psoric, anti-sycotic and anti-syphilitic family, there is a tendency of destruction of tissues, especially syphilitic complaints and bone disease. Patient is very hot. Which one of the following is the correct remedy ?

 Carbolicum acidum

 Mercurius solubilis

 Fluoricum acidum

 Nitricum acidum

Consider the following :  

1. Pacinian corpuscle

2. Krause's corpuscle

3. Meissner's corpuscle

4. Ruffin's corpuscle.

Which one of the above are nerve endings ?

 1, 2 and 4

 2, 3 and 4

 1, 2 and 3

 1, 3 and 4

The xiphold process unites with the body of the sternum at the age of :

 60 years

 40 years

 25 years

 15 years

In homeopathy, a process which brings about a quantitative reduction in the drug substance but a qualitative increase in its medicinal or therapeutic property is known as :





Blockage of coronary arteries is diagnosed by employing angiography.


Which one among the following contains strychnine as an active constituent ?


 Stannum metallicum

 Ignatia amara

 Nux vomica

Which one of the following enzymes is antagonistic to insulin ?





 None of the above

The word 'quando' mean in reportorial language is time.


During his study on filariasis, Manson observed that laboratory workers in the night shifts were better because they identified lots of microfilaria, while the day workers did not identify even a single microfilaria. Thus he excluded all the day workers from the blood test. This action was not justified because :

 Microfilaria are formed during night

 Mosquitoes introduce microfilaria during night

 Microfilaria appears in peripheral blood at night

 Microfilaria is destroyed by daylight

The breakdown of haemoglobin takes place mainly in reticulo-endothelial system.


Most diagnostic feature of duodenal ulcer is ulcer crater.


A male aged 50 years with flu-like symptoms and complains of malaise and tiredness . He also complains of bleeding gums, epistaxis and mouth ulcers. On examination, liver and spleen are found enlarged. Total leucocyte count is 1,00,000/- cu mm. Bone-marrow is hyper-cellular with blast-cells more than 30% and with the presence of Auer rods in the blast-cells. The most likely diagnosis is :

 Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia

 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

 Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

 Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia

In drinking water admissible amount of E. Coli is :





Which one of the following should be choice of treatment for a lady who is mother of two children and suffering from profuse per vaginal bleeding at the time of climacteric, sonography revealing fibroid uterus ?

 Regular blood transfusion

 Improving the general health


 Treatment for fibroid

Causa Occasionalis means :

 Exciting cause and maintaining cause

 Maintaining cause

 Miasmatic cause

 Fundamental cause

In which section of Kent's Repertory do you find the rubric 'lies with limbs abducted' ?





The most important part of levator ani is ischiococcygeus.


The 'doctrine of analogy' is the philosophical background of :

 Knerr's Repertory

 Kent's Repertory

 Boericke's Repertory

 Boenninghausen's Repertory

In a suspected case of Prostatic enlargement, which one of the following procedure is likely to confirm the diagnosis ?

 Urine examination

 Rectal examination


 Measuring water intake and outout of urine

A-65 years old woman presents with tremors of hands especially on rest. She complains of slowness in her daily acivities and drooling of saliva. She cannot perform fine movements and often has difficulty in writing. On examination: Fixity of facial expression with poor modulation :

 Wilson's disease

 Parkinson's disease

 Huntington's disease

 Alzheimer's disease

The median cubital vein is the vein of choice for intravenous injection for withdrawing blood from donors and for catheterization because it is :

 A long vein

 Does not slip while drawing the blood

 Is an accessory vein

 Is a deep vein

Which one among the following is most common type of ectopic pregnancy ?


 Primary abdominal



Where does rigor mortis start from ?





Commonest cause of neonatal mortality in India is :

 Diarrheal diseases

 Birth injuries

 Low birth weight

 Congenital anomalies

Which of the following are used for the detection of seminal stains :

1. Takayama's test

2. Barberio's test

3. Florence test

4. Acid phosphatase test

Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

 1, 2 and 3

 2, 3 and 4

 1, 3 and 4

 1, 2 and 4

A patient with a history of peptic ulcer presented with sudden onset of severe pain in upper abdomen. Routine blood examination and straight X-Ray of abdomen showed :

1. Marked tenderness over upper abdomen

2. Absence of bowel sounds

3. Leucocytosis

4. Gas shadow under the diaphragm

 1 & 2

 1 & 3

 4 only

 2 & 3

Casoni's intradermal test is done for the diagnosis of :


 Hydatid cyst

 Fish tapeworm infestation


The submucosa of which one of the following GIT organs is completely filled with Brunner's glands ?





Consider the following statements :

1. 10 minims of tincture and 90 minims of alcohol give 1st centesimal potency.

2. 6 minims of tincture and 99 minims of dilute alcohol, the drug power of tincture being 1/6 give 1st centesimal potency.

3. Preparation of mother tincture consists in three steps viz; Estimation of plant moisture content, meceration and percolation.

4. Drugs like bufo rna, murex, apis, phytolacca, helleborous and naza, all belong to animal kingdom.

Which of the statement's given above is/are correct ?

 1 and 3

 3 only

 2 and 4

 4 only

 None of the above

If the growth of fetus does not correlate with the period of amenorrhea, the medicine prescribed should be :

 Calcarea carbonica

 Mercurius corrosivus

 Secale cornutum

 Baryta carbonica

The hepatic triad constitutes :

 Interlobular branches of portal vein, branch of hepatic artery and bile duct

 Central vein, bile duct and branch of hepatic artery

 Central vein, lymphatics and bile duct

 Interbular branches of portal vein, branch of hepatic artery and lymphatics

Of the below which is the minimum age of girl who can give valid consent in writing in the presence of one witness for medical examination in case of rape or kidnapping ?

 A girl of 14 years of age

 A girl of 13 years of age

 A girl of 12 years of age

 A girl of 15 years of age

Lumbar puncture is considered in the following cases :

 Bacterial meningitis

 Brain abscess

 Multiple sclerosis


Which one of the following drugs is prepared form "Indian Turnip"?

 Aurum metallicum

 Arum triphyllum

 Artemisia vulgaris

 Acalypha indica