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Transport removes hindrance of place.


When the state pharmcy councils are required to supply copies of their Registers?

 31st April

 31st December

 31st March

 None of the above

Teratogenetic drug affects :





The growth of large particles at the expense of smaller ones, as a result of a difference in the solubility of the particles of varying sizes, is termed as :

 Interfacial phenomenon


 Erosive formulation

 Ostwald ripening

The vitamin which has deodorant property is vitamin c.


Hypoglossal cranial nerves is related to :

 Movement of tongue

 Movement of tongue

 Secretion of saliva

 None of the above

Deferoxamine is used for the treatment of toxicity caused by one of the following ions Identify that :





Which one of these is a genetically determined adverse drug reaction?





Tetracyclines are avoided during pregnancy because :

 It is teratogenic

 It may affect the bone growth of foetus

 It causes discolouration of teeth

 It may cause abortion

What will be pH of the solutions with the given values of hydronium ion concentration? [H⁺] = 4.5×10ˉ⁵N and [H⁺] = 0.00143N





To understand the drug receptor interaction it is necessary to quantify the relation between drug and its biological effects.


Obligatory anaerobes can tolerate oxygen and grow better in its presence.


'Draves test' is associated with measuring the efficiency of wetting agents.


A common organism that causes meningitis belongs to the genus :





Biological role of thiamine is because of facile formation of :

 Thiamine hydrochloride

 Thiamine Pyrophosphate "yilde”

 Thiamine sulphate

 None of the above

In WHO guidelines for the herbal drug, contaminants include :

 Purines and pyrimidine bases

 Amino acids


 Pesticidal residues, arsenic heavy metals, microbial load

Secretery of PCI may also act as treasurer.


Which of the following is a microsomal enzyme inducer?





Vitreous humor is present in eye in :

 Anterior chamber

 Posterior chamber



Liver microsomal enzymes are stimulated (enzyme induction) by cimetidine.


A direct way of studying idiosyncratic reactions to a given drug is by changing the root of drug administration.


Many drugs are chiral. In a synthesis of chiral drug molecule in symmetric environment :

 Always one enantiomer obtained

 Always both enantiomers obtained in equal amount

 Always both enantiomers obtained in unequal amount

 None of the above

Indian Pharmacopoeia has been published by ministry of health and family welfare.


The central register of pharmacist would be deemed to be :

 A public document in IEA 1872

 A private document of PCI

 A private document of state government

 None of the above

The etiological agent of infectious mononucleosis, also associated with a form of Burkitt's lymphoma is :

 Varicella Zoster virus

 Epstein barr virus

 Picorna virus

 Papova virus

What indicators are appropriate for complexometric titrations?

 Eriochrome black T


 Both of the above

 Potassium chromate

Select the drug that will aggravate bronchial asthma :





Redox titration is used to determine the rancidity of arachis oil.


Certain suspensions with a high Percent of dispersed solids exhibit an increase in resistance to flow with increasing rates of shear. Such systems actually increase in volume when sheared and are termed as :





Boric acid is a weak acid (pKa 9.19) which cannot be titrated with a standard solution of sodium hydroxide using phenolphthalein as indicator. This titration becomes possible on addition of glycerol due to one of the following reactions. Choose the correct reaction?

 Boric acid becomes boronic acid on reaction with glycerol

 Boric acid gives a monoprotic tetravalent boron ester with glycerol

 Boric acid gives a tribasic acid on reaction with glycerol

 Two boric acid molecules combine to give an anhydride in presence of glycerol

Titanium dioxide is used in sun screen products as a topical protective. The topical protective effect of titanium dioxide is arising due to one of the following properties. Identify that :

 It has high bulk density

 It has a high UV absorbancy

 It has a low water solubility

 It has high refractive index

Arrange the following Lowry-Bronsted acids into their decreasing order of acidity (highest to lowest)?

[P] C₂H₅OH

[Q] H₃C-C≡CH

[R] H₂O

[S] CH₃NH₂

 R > P > Q > S

 P > R > Q > S

 P > Q > R > S

 R > Q > P > S

Choose the correct key intermediate for the biosynthesis of C₆-C₃ units, which serves as a precursor for the biosynthesis of amino acids :

 Shikimic acid

 Pyruvic acid

 Dehydroquinic acid

 Mevalonic acid

Sreptomycin is a tri-acidic base possessing an aldehydic carbonyl group.


While performing the chemo microscopy of a drug, lignified trichomes were observed. Probable drug is nux vomica.


Reserve food material of plant is starch.


Lugol's solution contains 5% of iodine. How much of Lugol's solution is administered to a patient thrice daily to provide 60 mg of iodine daily?

 0.2 ml

 0.3 ml

 0.4 ml

 0.5 ml

Insurance removes hindrance of :


 Finance and credit



The biological half life of a drug (first order kinetics) is represented by 0.693/K.


In diphtheria, the causative organism affect :

 Upper respiratory tract




β-lactam ring in case of clavulanic acid is fused with ------------- system.

 Thienyl system

 Thiadiazole system

 Thiazolidine system

 Oxazolidine system

The number of cervical vertebrae is :





A typical example of exotoxin is tetanospasmin.


Which technique is used to finalise the inventory order ?

 Economic order quantity

 ABC analysis

 Perpetual inventory system

 None of the above

β-lactamase inhibitor clavulanic acid is :

 α-1,1-dioxo penicillanic acid

 Δ² carbapenem


 1-oxopenam structure and has no 6-acylamino side chain of penicilli

Lactose intolerance is because of the lack of lactate dehydrogenase.


Stratified cork and forked fibres are the characteristic diagnostic features of :





A drug solution has a half life of 21 days. Assuming that the drug undergoes first order kinetics, how long will it take for the potency to drop to 90% of the initial potency?

 3.2 days

 9.6 days

 16 days

 6.4 days

Syphilis is caused by :

 Treponema pallidum

 Neisseria gonorrhoea

 Phthirus humanus

 None of the above

Which part of brain is concerned with maintenance of posture and balance?



 Medulla oblongata

 None of the above

Vaginal sponge means family planning belongs to :

 Physical methods

 Chemical methods

 Hormonal methods

 None of the above

One of the forms mentioned below is used to issue licence for wholesale of drugs other than specified in schedule C, C₁ and X. Choose the correct one :

 20 B

 20 BB

 21 B

 20 A

Idioblasts of crystal layer of calcium oxalate is a diagnostic feature of :

 Hyoscyamus niger leaves

 Deadly nightshade leaves

 Cinchona bark

 Senna leaves

The dose of a drug is 5 mg, per kg body weight. How much of the drug is required for a boy of 12 years who weighs 21 kg?

 0.5 mg

 1.0 mg

 1.5 mg

 2.0 mg

Banking removes hindrance of :


 Finance and credit



Anomocytic type of stomata are found in the leaves of fox glove.


Which of the following pairs has an interaction beneficial for routine clinical use?

 Pseudoephedrine and aluminium hydroxide gel

 Tetracycline and milk of magnesia

 MAO inhibitors and tyramine

 Chloramphenicol and tolbutamide

Which one of the following types of adverse drug reactions is not believed to be dose related phenomena?

 Side effects and toxic reactions

 Toxic reactions and hypersensitivity

 Side effects and hypersensitivity

 Hypersensitivity and idiosyncracy

Xylocaine HCl is not used orally because it is :

 Ineffective orally

 Acidic in nature

 Stomach irritant

 Unstable in acidic media

Ambulatory patients are :

 Required to go home after taking treatment in OPD

 Required to admit in the ward for treatment

 Required emergency services

 Carried through ambulance

The perpetual inventory system includes :

 Bin card

 Store ledger

 Continuous stock tracking

 All of the above

The state pharmacy councils are required to supply how many copies of their Registers?

 Five copies

 Four copies

 Three copies

 One copy

 Six copies

The vitamin administered with isoniazid to minimise its adverse reaction is :

 Vitamin A



 Pantothenic acid

Gram positive bacteria typically contain :

 Cell wall that lack peptidoglycans

 Repeating units of arabinogalactan and mycolates in their cell walls

 Peptidoglycan containing muramic acid and D-amino acids in their cell walls

 Cell walls containing predominantly polysaccharides and glycoproteins

An iron compound used as heamatinic agent must meet two requirements i.e. it should be biologically available and be non-irritating. Which one of the following compounds meet the above two requirements most closely?

  Ferric chloride

 Ferric ammonium sulphate

 Ferric ammonium citrate

 Ferrous thioglycollate

A 250 mg dose of a drug was administered to a patient by rapid IV injection. The initial plasma concentration was 2.50 μg/ml. After 4 hours, the plasma concentration was 1.89 μg/ml. Assuming that the drug was eliminated by a pseudo first order process and the body behaves as one compartment model. Biological half life is :

 4.95 hours

 19.95 hours

 99.1 hours

 9.91 hours

‛Ternary complexʼ refers to the state when :

 An enzyme forms a covalent complex with its substrate

 An enzyme complexes to a product, just after catalysis

 An enzyme that catalyses a reaction with two or more substrates, is concurrently complexed with both substrates

 An enzyme forms a non covalent complex with either a substrate or a product

The Executive Committee of PCI consists :

 President, Vice president and five other members

 President, secretary and four other members

 President, Vice president and seven other members

 None of the above

Astigamatism is corrected by wearing :

 Plain lens

 Convex lens

 Cylindrical lens

 Concave lens

The metabolic function of riboflavin involves which one of the following?

 FMN and FAD


 AMP and ATP

 Retin and retinine

The biological half life of a drug :

 Is a constant physical property of the drug

 Is a constant chemical property of the drug

 May be increased in patients with impaired renal function

 May be decreased by giving the drug by rapid IV injection

Identify the receptor which demonstrates the fastest onset of response , when stimulated :

 Nuclear receptors

 Ionotropic receptors

 G-protein coupled receptors

 Insulin receptor

The volume of distribution of a drug is a relationship between the total amount of drug in body and concentration of the in body.


In order to produce characteristic pharmacological action, a drug must always :

 Reach high blood levels

 Be assured from GIT readily

 Achieve adequate concentration at the site of action

 Get excreted unchanged in urine

One thousand nanogram equals to on microgram.


First Indian Pharmacopoeia was published in 1966.


There are some criteria which an ideal antacid should fulfil. Some of the criteria are given below :

[P] The antacid should be absorbable orally and should buffer in the pH range of 4-6

[Q] The antacid should exert its effect rapidly and should not cause a large evaluation of gas

[R] The antacid should not be laxative of should not cause constipation

[S] The antacid should react with the gastric acid and should inhibit pepsin

Choose the correct combination of statements :

 P, Q & R

 Q, R & S

 Q & R

 R & S

The disease whooping cough is caused by Bordetella Pertussis.


The area under the serum concentration time curve represents the :

 Biological half life of the drug

 Amount of drug that is cleared by the kidneys

 Amount of drug absorbed

 Amount of drug exdreted in the urine

Iodine-131 as sodium iodide solution is used as a radiopharmaceutical for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Its usage is dependent on the release of the following emissions:

[P] Alpha particles

[Q] Positrons

[R] Beta emission

[S] Gamma radiation

Choose the correct combination of statements?

 R & S

 Q & S

 P & R

 P & S

What will be the approximate molarity of concentrated HCl ? ( Density of concentrated HCl is 1.19 and concentration is about 38% by weight)




Which one of the following interacts with vasopressin?




 Phenytoin sodium

The biological half life of procaine in a patient was 35 minutes and its volume of distribution was estimated to be 60 litre. The total clearance rate of procaine is :

 1.188 litre/minute

 0.115 litre/minute

 11.5 litre/minute

 5.75 litre/minute

Detector of choice for GC separations of halogenated compounds is :

 Electron capture detector

 Flame ionization detector

 Thermal conductivity detector

 Universal selector

Identify the non pathogenic organism :

 Micobacterium bovis

 Micobacterium smegmatis

 Micobacterium avium

 Micobacterium intracellulare

Which one of these is not a mental disease?





0.25 gm of a compound C₁₀H₁₅NO HCl was titrated with 0.1 M HClO₄. It consumed 12.5 ml of the titrant. What will be its Percent purity?





Measurement of which of the following two constituents of human plasma is of great value in the differential diagnosis of rheumatoid diseases?

 Rheumatoid factor and immunoglobulin G

 Rheumatoid factor and C-reactive protein

 HL-A antigen and C- reactive protein

 Immunoglobulin and bradykinin

In retail drug store, the medicines are arranged according to :


 Pharmacological actions

 Alphabetical order

 All of the above

In the study of enzyme kinetics, Vmax is said to be attained when :

 There is an excess of free enzyme as compared to the substrate

 Virtually all of the enzyme is present as the enzyme substrate complex and concentration of the free enzyme is vanishingly small

 The maximum velocity of the reaction in the presence of low substrate concentration

 When the concentration of free enzyme equals that of the enzyme substrate complex