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online pharmacist test series


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pharmacist test series is a remarkable course designed for students to exceed their knowledge without paying money because this course is completely free for each user. There are many question papers and final exams in the form of quizzes in this course. Each and every test in this course will always contain a wide range of questions to evaluate the learning of the students.

pharmacist test series course is a particularly developed revolutionary method to evaluate self performance before attending the final pharmacist examination. This course is designed to give an idea regarding the structure of the official pharmacist examination and provide an appropriate knowledge gainer solution.

pharmacist test series course contains unique and diversified questions based on pharmacist level syllabus for various subjects such as pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, pharmacognosy, biochemistry and clinical pathology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical microbiology, biopharmaceutics, pharmaceutical jurisprudence, hospital and community pharmacy, drug store and business management, pharmaceutical inorganic chemistry, health education and community pharmacy, human anatomy and physiology etc.

There will be no negative marking for each test and there are unrestricted attempts for each test. Minimum score to pass the each test is 70 percent. Immediate final result and score with correct and wrong answer analysis of each test.

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